Arkansas DUI Laws

In the state of Arkansas, a drunk driving charge will result in two court cases: a criminal case and the Baltimore DUI driver’s license case. During the criminal case, the offender will face jail time as well as mandatory alcohol education courses, fines, mandatory interlock, and drivers license suspension. The DUI driver’s license case must be requested within 7 days of arrest or the your license will be suspended immediately.

What is the blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) limit in the state of Arkansas?

In the state of Arkansas, it is a crime to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. If your BAC tops out at 0.15% or higher, you will be prosecuted under the enhanced penalty law. This means the fines, and even jail time may be doubled.

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In the state of Arkansas what is the administrative license suspension period for a first offense?

In the state of Arkansas, if you get arrested for DUI, the administrative license suspension time for a first offense is 120 days. Under administrative license suspension, the drivers’ license will be taken before conviction when he either fails or refuses to be tested for alcohol or drugs. During the 120 day revocation period, the driver may obtain a limited license.

In the state of Arkansas, what are the penalties for a first DUI offense? Second offense?

In the state of Arkansas, the penalties for a first DUI offense  include license suspension for 120 days, mandatory alcohol education, and possible interlock. You will not receive mandatory jail time on your first offense. On the second offense, your license will be suspended for 24 months and you will receive mandatory jail time and mandatory alcohol education. When your license privileges are restored, you may also have to install interlock. On your third offense, you will receive mandatory jail time, interlock (when driving privileges are restored), mandatory alcohol education, and your license will be suspended for 30 months. Drunk driving penalties may be increased for child endangerment or if an injury or death occurred as a result of drunk driving.



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